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The Mighty Himalaya Trekking Company is operated by a young couple from Changthang, Ladakh- Jigmet (JT) & Rinchen. 

Our agency specializes in trekking, jeep tours/safaris and tailoring these trips to the monastery festivals of Ladakh.

We invite you to trek with us into the wilderness of the Tibetan plateau, travel with us to the remotest regions of Ladakh, places unknown to many and have a spiritual re-connection and get to know a more simple way of life, away from the worldly chaos. Or you can challenge yourself to the most extreme by completing the Chaddaer trek at -30 in the peak winter.

We can tailor and customize any tours for you, so you can make the best out of your holiday!



Family Treks and tours

Spend a memorable time with your family, while getting to learn and exchange cultural values in the remote regions of the Himalaya!

Zanskar Treks

Zanskar Treks for culture, adventure and spiritual re-connection!

Buddhist Tours

Visit the century old monasteries, learn about the history and devotion of Ladakhi people.

Photography Tours

For the piece of moon-land, breath-taking views and stark nakedness of the earth!

Cultural Tours

For the culture unknown to many, subsistence based agronomy, colorful headgears worn by both men and women and folk songs & dance.

Cycling/Bike Tours

Ride through the cold desert, scorching sunlight- experience the wildest of wild winds and vast open landscapes.

Markha Valley Treks

One of the most sought after treks of Ladakh, in the wilderness, vastness and solitary villages hidden into the pockets of the valley.

Buddhist Festivals

Mask dances to teach us about journey of our life after death, monasteries centuries old.



At The Mighty Himalaya Trekking Company, we strive to involve eco-logically friendly ways to promote tourism in Ladakh. With such a delicate ecosystem, Ladakh needs to be cared and respected for it to survive and for the long-lasting sustainment of the beautiful fauna and flora. The air, water, land and energy must be kept in balance so that there is less disturbance and destruction, then the future generation can have a healthy planet to live.

We practice waste reduction and waste avoidance in the process of tourism in Ladakh.


Global to local economy

As tourism industry in Ladakh is still an increasingly spreading phenomenon, there is a constant need for human resources. The need for catering and service is parallel to the growth and demand of the tourists, adventurous travelers.

There is an increasing demand for pony-men, cooks, helpers, guides and drivers for treks and tours. Unlike many other agencies, we at The Mighty Himalaya Trekking Company strive to stay connected with the local villagers.


ALL employees and workers are Ladakhis.

  • We try to employ people from each region of Ladakh, whereever a tourist steps in, so that the people from the area can benefit directly from tourism thorough us. In this way, we establish a direct link between the global and local community.

  • Food for treks: we buy products directly from the Amaleys (the Ladakhi ‘mothers’) and from locally owned shops for food products like jams, pickles, Yak cheese. Whenever possible, we buy things from the villages directly during the treks and tours, so that the vegetables or dairy products are fresh when they reach you.

  • Packed lunches: are ordered from a local kitchen in Leh, so that all ingredients are clean, fresh and hygienically prepared.


Jigmet Tandar (JT)

The Mighty Himalaya Trekking Company is created by Jigmet Tandar, who hails from Changthang, and is deeply in love with the mountains and the open sky. Trekking is natural to him.

He learned the buisiness from the scratch, first as a helper than as a guide. He is now a professional guide, manager and organizer in the tourism industry of Ladakh. For the past 10 years, he has developed his capabilities and skills in becoming a trek/cultural guide. He has traveled and trekked extensively throughout India, and Nepal.

His love for open sky, freedom, travel and learning has pushed him to set up this company, where he personally goes to each and every trek & tours of the season. With his humorous, charming and lively personality, the clients always give only
the most positive feedback. He can transform any difficult journey and situation into a happy situation with his livelily and witty conversations. He is always ready to help the client.

Rinchen Dolkar

Rinchen , JT’s partner and wife.  Studied in Mumbai, worked in ecological organization in Ladakh, and like myself she comes from a nomad family. She is deeply concerned about the environmental issues.

She is the one to help JT in designing trek & tour packages that are ecologically sustainable. She involves and
integrates local people & economy, and applies ecological methods and practices while on treks & tours.

She handles all communications and shares management responsibilities with JT.


Anna fin da quando aveva poco più di venti anni, ha iniziato a girare il mondo e da allora non si è più fermata. Porta con sé esperienze vissute in oltre ottanta paesi al mondo. Viaggia quasi sempre in solitaria e per lei il viaggio è una forma d'arte, fonte inesauribile di ricchezza interiore. È innamorata dei safari in Africa Australe, attratta dai riti ancestrali dell'Africa Occidentale, dalle bellezze paesaggistiche dell'America Latina e dalla cultura Asiatica. È proprio nell'estremo nord dell'India, in Ladakh, che il suo cuore batte più forte, non solo per l'altitudine, bensì per il suo isolamento, i suoi magnifici monasteri, le montagne dell'Himalaya, preziosi usi e costumi dettati dal Buddhismo Tibetano. Organizza ogni viaggio come se fosse il suo, mettendoci tanta passione e preparazione.